Weddings & Special Events

Our beautiful 16,500 square-foot facility is available to rent for your special occasion!

Unity of Columbus Rental Information

As a growing community resource, Unity of Columbus offers an inclusive and affirming space. We open our doors for weddings, memorials, receptions, conferences, and lectures. In addition, you will find room available for regular meetings, a variety of clubs, and even other churches. Parking for over 100 vehicles is included. Location is easily accessible from I-71.

Availability & Contact Information

To check available dates for a One Time Rental, please contact our Office. (Please leave a message.)

Phone: (614) 267-4959

To check availability for Long Term Rental, please contact our Facility Coordinator, Chris.

Phone: (614) 267-4959

Our Main Sanctuary

The Sanctuary is available for weddings, memorials, christenings, lectures, plays, and other performances at a base rate of $400.00 for up to 3 hours. A $100.00 per hour upcharge is added for additional time spent. Rental includes:

  • Seating for 300
  • Grand piano
  • Enclosed room for groomsmen, cast members, lecturers (front of sanctuary)
  • Enclosed room for the bridal party or cast members. (just outside the sanctuary)
  • An additional 2 hours is included for wedding rehearsal to be used within the same week.
  • Additional Equipment Available: Sound system, video projector, microphones. Unity equipment must be operated by our technicians at an additional cost.

Myrtle Fillmore Chapel Rental

Our smaller chapel is available at a Base Rate of $300.00 for up to 3 hours. It offers a beautiful, calm setting for weddings, memorials, or intimate meetings. Rental includes:

  • Seating for 25
  • Baby Grand Piano
  • Seminar tables and chairs for meetings
  • Freestanding Whiteboard

Wilson Hall Reception Space

Our Reception Hall lies just off the Main Sanctuary making it an ideal venue for wedding receptions or memorial gatherings. In addition, this room serves well for banquets, Christmas parties, and events. Base rental is $400.00 for 5 hours. Time includes set up, event, clean up. There is a $100.00 upcharge for any additional portion of an hour past the 5 hours.

Rental includes:

  • Dining Seating for 150
  • Assembly / Lecture Seating for 225
  • Overflow Seating in our Loft Area (above the hall) accommodates 50
  • Kitchen includes:
    • Commercial sink and hand washing sink
    • Food prep island
    • Electric stove and oven
    • Microwave
    • Coffee Pot

Furniture includes:

  • (14) 60” Round Tables – Seats 8 adults each
  •  (5)  96” Rectangular Tables – Seats 8-10 adults each
  • (3) 72” Rectangular Tables – For food service
  • (100) Metal Folding Chairs

Parking for over 100 vehicles

*Outdoor Event Space may be added to the Reception Hall Rental for an additional $150.00
**This space is also available for daily, weekly or monthly meetings. Check with our Facility Coordinator.

Outdoor Events Space

Unity of Columbus offers a splendid venue for your special occasion at an incredibly affordable Base Rate of $350.00 for 5 hours. There is a $100.00 up charge for any portion of an hour past the 5 hours. It’s a perfect place for weddings, receptions, and neighborhood gatherings. Our more than three acres of land includes:

  • Greenspace
  • Covered Veranda with permanent seating for 40
  • Meditation Garden
  • Parking for over 100 vehicles.
  • This Outdoor wedding space may be added to the Reception Hall rental for an additional $150.00

Outdoor Veranda Rental

Need outdoor dining in a covered space?  Our Veranda gives you extra space just outside the Reception Hall during the spring, summer and fall. Base Rental is $250.00 for up to 5 hours. Time includes set up, event, clean up. There is a $100.00 upcharge for any portion of an hour past the 5 hours.

Rental includes:

  • (5) 60” Round Cement Tables with Bench Seating for 40

Damage & Time Overage Security Deposit

A Refundable Deposit is required for Non-members of our church. A fully refundable deposit of $200.00 in a separate check is due no later than one month prior to your event. All or part of your deposit would be used to cover any damages to the facility, land or furnishings. It may also be used to pay for any time overage that may occur on the day of your event.

  • Examples of damages: Stains on the carpet, flooring, walls, tables or other surfaces beyond normal wear and tear.
  • Examples of time overage: Going beyond the stated time limit for each area you are renting.
  • If no damage or overages occur, we will return your deposit in full.

Sound Personnel Fees

Fees are required if you use the sound or video equipment during your event. The technician will be paid $250.00. This amount includes:

  • 2 hour of setup sound check and music rehearsal before the event
  • 1.5 hours of sound and / or video during the event
  • 1 hour of take down and clean up after the event

Note: The sound tech will not be present during the 2 hours of wedding rehearsal.

Custodial Costs

Custodial Costs will be accessed for all One Time Rentals. A custodian deposit of $100.00 is required one month prior to the event. This deposit should be by check. In the event you perform all clean up duties, you will receive a full refund of the deposit.

Officiant Fees

If you would like a Unity minister to perform the wedding or funeral ceremony, there is a $200.00 officiant fee. This fee will be paid directly to the officiant on the day of service. If you obtain your own minister to perform the ceremony you will be responsible for paying them directly.

Summary of all Fees for Sanctuary Use (Minimum Costs)

  • $400.00 for the rental of the Sanctuary & Included Spaces
  • $100.00 for Custodian (refunded if you clean up) (a) Refundable if you perform all clean – up duties
  • $250.00 for Sound Technician (if you use the Unity Equipment) (a) Up to 4.5 hours (b) Note: the technician will not be present during wedding rehearsals.
  • $200.00 for Unity Minister (a) Not applicable if not required


A minimum of $500.00 for most events using the Sanctuary (if no Unity Minister or Sound is needed).


A 50% deposit of total facilities rentals is required to hold reservations.

Final payments are due one week prior to the event.

Evidence of Insurance

For non-church members of Unity of Columbus, we require proof of a “One-Day Insurance Policy” liability rider of one million dollars that covers all hours of use for the event. A copy of the policy must be sent to the church one month prior to the date of the event.